Turn your baby bump into a one-of-a-kind work of art!

You or someone you love is expecting. Congratulations! What better way to commemorate the little bundle of joy you’re busy baking in that cute little oven of yours than to turn your beautiful bump into a timeless work of art? Let me work with you to design a beautiful painting that really means something special to you. Maybe it’s inspired by that nursery rhyme that your daddy used to read to you before bedtime that you always loved. That romantic beach where you spent your honeymoon you love. Or that ice cream flavor that you always beg your husband to go get you from the local bodega at 2am. Your love story between you and your baby is yours to tell. And I’m the illustrator! Your belly? A page in the book of your life that you will always look back at with fondness and longing for a moment in time you will never forget.

~Lenore Koppelman
Owner, Founder, and Lead Artist at The Cheeky Chipmunk


Consider Me For:

Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Baby Shower

Framed photos of your baby bump

A gift certificate for a belly painting for a friend!


Ideas for belly painting design inspiration come from:

A favorite nursery rhyme

A beloved bedtime story

Your favorite song

A cherished bible verse

A movie you love

A tribute to how you and your significant other first met

Your nursery’s theme

A nature scene

A poem or quote that inspires you

That funny food you keep craving

A Rainbow Baby tribute

And SO much more!



Rates for belly painting sessions vary depending on the design you would like done. Start off by filling out the inquiry form below. Let me know what kind of ideas you have for your belly! I will email you back with a proposal including your quote. Sometimes I will even send you several design ideas with varying price points for you to choose from! As soon as I can calculate how much time might be involved to prepare your design and then carry out your painting, you’ll get your quote and we can move forward to booking your appointment. YIPPEE!!!




“…one of our favorite memories from being pregnant.”

“My husband and I were looking for a unique way to document our first pregnancy. Going to Lenore was the best thing we could have done. NOT ONLY did she recreate an entire Death Star on me, but even got my husband involved by creating an X-wing on his hand so he could be a part of the whole experience. What’s really great about her is that each of her designs are completely unique. You’ll never get belly art off the internet that someone else’s belly already has had. She loves being challenged and it was so much fun to spend the time with her and watch her create one of our favorite memories from being pregnant.”

Sarah Ittner Triebel of Long Island City
(pictured with hand of Chris Triebel.)


“She made me feel beautiful and comfortable.”

“Lenore painted me on October 8th and it was an amazing experience! She was completely open to what I wanted and super easy to work with! She also made me feel beautiful and comfortable—which I know isn’t easy for many pregnant women. It was also awesome to feel my little man move while being painted! And the best part—Lenore included my wife as part of the process! Highly recommended!”

Lauren Kasper of Astoria, Queens
(pictured with wife and fellow baby-mama Sai Kasper. Oh, and mommies to be! Sai is an expert in prenatal massage, so hit her up for an appointment!)


“It was a beautiful experience. I didn’t want to take it off!”

“My experience with Lenore paining my baby belly was nothing short of wonderful!
Being in the The PARENTS.COM TV studio with her, she had total command of what she was doing. Her ability to engage the audience and play to the cameras while doing her amazing artistry is such a difficult thing to perfect (have you ever tried it? It’s HARD!). Lenore was a total pro.
Not only is she a pleasure to be around, which is incredibly important as she was working on a very intimate and important part of my pregnant body, but her work is phenomenal. 
It was a beautiful experience. I loved my sweet little penguin, and I didn’t want to take it off!”

Actress Pamela Bob of Astoria, Queens
Known for: Livin’ On A Prairie





Your baby’s very first work of art is waiting.

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