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Nothing is quite as magical as a Cheeky Chipmunk artist at a birthday party! Picture this: It’s your little one’s birthday. (Congratulations, by the way!). Their friends are all stopping by shortly, and while you are still elbow-deep in streamers and busily arranging the snacks table, your artist arrives. A wave of relief comes over you because you know that all of those kids are going to be thoroughly entertained! And now you can finally kick back with that glass of wine you’ve been waiting for (don’t worry… we won’t judge!) and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Little shy Simon is now face painted as a tiger, and he’s not so shy anymore. He’s running around growling playfully at little Janet, who's a superhero now! She’s face painted as the ultimate comic book hero, out to save the universe from lions and tigers such as her friend Simon. Your kid’s best friend Rowan just ran by painted as a beautiful butterfly, while waiving a purple balloon twisted into a pirate sword. And Sasha is giddy over the most sparkly glitter arm tattoo anyone ever did see. Your own child is beaming excitedly as they are the center of attention at the coolest birthday party anyone has ever had! And parents are all coming up to you, gushing to you about how impressed they are with everything you have done to make this birthday party the ultimate success. They’re RIGHT! You ARE amazing! Because you were smart enough to hire THE CHEEKY CHIPMUNK!



Our most popular services for birthday parties are:

Face Painting

Balloon Twisting

Organic Henna Art

Airbrush Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Caricature Art

Your party guests will go home with photos of their kids at your event that they will talk about and treasure for a lifetime!

Your party guests will go home with photos of their kids at your event that they will talk about and treasure for a lifetime!


To get a rate for your event, all you have to do is click on this button! It will take you to our booking and inquiries form. From there, you will simply fill out the form, and tell us a little bit about your party. We will then calculate a special rate for you which reflects the services you are requesting information on, how big the crowd will be, how long the party is, where it is located (travel rates may apply), etc. Once we have your rates all figured out, we will email you a proposal package complete with juicy and colorful photos, various options to read over and choose from, and the rate for every option you might be interested in. Once you click on the party package you love best, we will have everything we need to send you a contract so you can lock us in for your event!

READY? So are WE!



“Best Balloon sculptures we’ve ever seen!”

“Hi Lenore! I just wanted to thank you and Joe for coming to Athena’s birthday party this past weekend. Everyone is still RAVING about it! The face painting was amazing, and tell Joe those were the best balloon sculptures we’ve ever seen!”

— J.A. in Astoria, Queens

“They will lose their minds!”

“Oh wow! These are the best pictures I will EVER have of any party I’ve ever thrown her. All the kids look so colorful and happy. Thank you! These are amazing. I’m going to email copies to all of the kid’s parents, so they always remember Sydney’s special day. They will lose their minds! Thanks again!”

— A.S. in the U.E.S.

“Thanks for making it an amazing day.”

“We cannot thank you enough for making Jaxson’s birthday party so special earlier today. He is still refusing to wash his dragon face painting off, and is currently THIS close to falling asleep with it on because he loves it SO much! Thanks for making it an amazing day.”

— B.R. in Forest Hills


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