NYC Face Painting unlike any other!

Trust me when I tell you, you’ve NEVER seen face painting like THIS before. This goes so far beyond some little sketched-out doodles on the cheek. No no no no no. We’re talkin’ about full-blown bursts of color. Delicate line work with crisp expert precision. Perfectly furrowed eyebrows on our monsters, ethereal wings on our butterflies, and superhero masks so bold that you can FEEL the POWER!

Picture this: It’s your party, and you can cry if you want to. Tears of joy, that is! While your party guests all gasp and take photos of their children like a group of paparazzi. The NEXT thing you know, you’ll be one of those “PINTEREST PARTY PARENTS” who is neighborhood-famous for throwing the BEST shindig in TOWN! With a little bit of help from The Cheeky Chipmunk, of course. And we are SO happy to do it.

So are you sure you’re READY for this kind of notoriety among neighbors, family and friends? Then BOOK NOW!


Perfect for

Birthday Parties

Corporate Events

Holiday Gatherings

School Celebrations

Fundraising Events


Family Reunions

Employee Appreciation Day

Take Your Kid To Work Day

Halloween Parties

Costume Contests

Family Fun Night

Business Openings

Comic Con / Cosplay

…And so much MORE!



To get a rate for your event, all you have to do is click on this button! It will take you to our booking and inquiries form. From there, you will simply fill out the form, and tell us a little bit about your party. We will then calculate a special rate for you which reflects the services you are requesting information on, how big the crowd will be, how long the party is, where it is located (travel rates may apply), etc. Once we have your rates all figured out, we will email you a proposal package complete with juicy and colorful photos, various options to read over and choose from, and the rate for every option you might be interested in. Once you click on the party package you love best, we will have everything we need to send you a contract so you can lock us in for your event!

READY? So are WE!




“They’re the best in the business.”

"Lenore is a dream to work with! Cheeky Chipmunk is one of our most popular add-ons for parties. On the business side, Cheeky Chipmunk artists are always quick to respond, flexible with clients and on-time for every event they're working. And as for talent - they're unmatched! As an Event Planner for Kellogg's NYC and Union Square Play I push Cheeky Chipmunk for all ages and all types of events because I truly believe they're the best in the business. Hire today!"

— Kristin Malanowski, Event Coordinator for both Kellogg’s NYC and Union Square Play

“I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“What an unforgettable party, thanks to you. Every photo is AMAZING! I cannot get over what beautiful work you do. I’ve never seen anything like it! THANK YOU! We will definitely see you next year!”

— J. Carina, U.W.S., NYC

“She painted very quickly. But her work looked like it should have taken hours to do!”

“Thank you so much for the artist you sent to Rebecca’s birthday this past weekend. She was AMAZING! So sweet with the kids, and she painted very quickly. But her work looked like it should have taken hours to do! You guys are the best! Thanks again!”

— T. Ricardo, Park Slope,, Brooklyn


Your most unforgettable face painting is waiting.

To make a memory that will last a lifetime, BOOK NOW!