Q: What locations do you serve? 

A: I live in Astoria, Queens. However, I serve Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, and some parts of Long Island. Please email me at Lenore@thecheekychipmunk for travel fee and rates. 

Q: What is the booking process? 

A: There are three ways to get in touch: email me at, fill out the inquiry form, or call me at (718) 807-1359. I will check to see if I am available at the date and time requested. Please have a rough idea of how many faces I will have to paint, so that we can book a proper amount of time in order to ensure that everybody gets painted.

Once we settle on a date, time and location, I will provide a contract and request a booking fee. This will secure your date and time, and is non-refundable, in consideration of not pursuing other engagements for that time slot.

Once the contract is signed and you have submitted the deposit, you are all set! Easy as pie!

(Mmmmmm.... pie).

Q: How do I know how many hours to book you for?

A: It entirely depends on approximately how many people you would like for me to paint, and how elaborate you would like for the designs to be. For questions and advice, email me at 

Q: What kind of paints do you use? 

A: I use only FDA compliant paint that is specifically designed for the face. The brands of face paints I own are Kryolan, Global Body Art, FAB, TAG, Paradise, Wolfe, and Silly Farm Exclusives.

Q: Is the glitter you use safe for the eyes? 

A: I only use cosmetic grade glitter. This is not craft store glitter, which is larger cut and extremely dangerous for the eyes. Cosmetic grade is super fine, and should any happen to get in the eyes, it is completely safe, and FDA compliant as well. 

Q: Is face painting sanitary? 
A:  While nothing is 100% guaranteed to be safe, I do my very best to comply with proper hygiene rules commonly used in the industry among professional face painters. My brushes are washed thoroughly in rubbing alcohol and warm water, and then gently conditioned after every gig. After using a sponge on a child's face, I immediately place the used sponge in a mesh bag to be washed in the laundry on the hottest setting as soon as I get home. This helps to prevent potential cross-contamination of conjunctivitis and other illnesses. When applying lip color, I use a cotton swab to gently dab it on, and then I immediately dispose of the swab. One lip swab per child. I use a special formula known as "Brush Bath" in my water, which is specifically designed to keep germs at bay. Before and after every job, I wipe down my paints to keep them clean.  I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby, and clean my hands frequently throughout my gigs. (In other words, all proper precautions are made, in an attempt to provide you with the most sanitary experience possible). 

Q: What happens if The Cheeky Chipmunk gets sick and need to cancel?

A: If I feel sick, and am concerned that my condition may be contagious, I will both email you and then call you immediately to let you know. In the rare occurrence that I am too sick to safely perform, I will check with my team of wonderful artists to see if any of them can cover for me. If I cannot find an adequate replacement to offer you, I will reimburse your booking fee and offer you a coupon for your next booking as a sincere apology for being too sick to perform for you on your big day. (While I always hate to have to cancel, as a mother myself I would be even more upset if I were to arrive and infect any of your wonderful party guests.) Safety first! 

Q: Are you insured? 

A: Absolutely! The Cheeky Chipmunk has commercial liability insurance. (Proof of insurance is available upon request.) 

Q: Is there ever a reason in which you would refuse to paint somebody? 

A: Yes. I cannot paint anybody with a contagious skin condition or illness such as but not limited to: conjunctivitis, cold sores, molluscum contagiosum, lice, chicken pox, ringworm, a contagious cough, or in the presence of a cold or flu. I also cannot paint on skin that has open sores or wounds. This is in order to protect my face painting equipment from contamination which could then potentially spread disease to other children I paint. I follow strict health and sanitation guidelines in order to protect my clientele. If you are not feeling well, please hold off for now and ask me to paint your face once you are feeling well again! I will be more than happy to do so, and will look forward to painting you in the future. 

If you have any more questions that were not covered here, please feel free to email me at, and I will do my very best to get back to you shortly. Thank you!