What is the Paint-N-Shoot Package?

Remember that time that you took your entire family to the local Sears for a family portrait? How stiff and bored everybody was, while they had you stand on that scuffed up roll of backdrop as you licked your palm and smoothed every child’s hairdo into place? How stoically everybody stood, smiling placidly into the camera in those matching polo shirts you had everybody wear? Well this is NOTHING LIKE THAT.

Instead, this time imagine the family coming in together. In costumes. Dad gets painted as Batman. Mom? Wonder Woman of course! Little Johnny wants to be The Joker, and big sister Jane wants to be Harley Quinn. Then you all stand side by side behind the backdrop and say “CHEEEEESE!”

Or imagine this: You’re all painted up as various kinds of dinosaurs. Your favorite zoo animals. Your most beloved movie characters. Maybe there are only two of you who are going to be in the photo together. Or heck, even just one of you getting the solo-portrait of your dreams. And WHY SHOULDN’T YOU? You deserve it!

The point is, the Cheeky Chipmunk Paint-n-Shoot package is a fun way to get that photo of yourself or your loved ones you’ve always been meaning to have. Maybe you want to debut the photo in your next family Holiday card. (A family of four made up as the band members of Kiss in Santa hats, anyone? Come ON. You KNOW this is BRILLIANT! RIGHT?!?!? Of COURSE you do!). Maybe you want to frame it to hang up in your home for everyone to enjoy. I know if I went to somebody’s house and there was a framed photo of the entire family painted up as zombies hanging over the fireplace mantle, (Grandma and Grandpa included), I would think they were the COOLEST FAMILY EVER!!!

Be the coolest family ever. Book your Paint-N-Shoot package today!


Fun Theme Ideas Include:

  • Animals

  • Super Heroes

  • Band Members

  • Story Book Characters

  • Holiday Designs

    …and so much more!



To get a rate for your paint-n-shoot session, all you have to do is click on this button! It will take you to our booking and inquiries form. From there, you will simply fill out the form, and tell us a little bit about your vision. How many of you plan to be painted? Do you want us to bring in our professional photographer to do the shoot? Or will my nice enough camera and editing skills do? (As seen in the photos sampled here). How many different poses would you like? And so on. I will then calculate a special rate for you which reflects the answers on your inquiry form, and send it your way! Then we can move forward from there.
READY? So are WE!



“We’ll never forget it!”

"My sister and I were looking for a unique way to commemorate our relationship. And honestly, we just wanted to do something hilarious and fun together we would never forget. Thanks for helping us make that memory! We’ll never forget it!”

— S. Duncan, Maspeth Queens, NYC

“…the cutest Christmas card EVER!”

“Thank you for helping us come up with the cutest Christmas card EVER! We turned the photo into holiday cards that we sent out to all of our family and friends. It took everybody by surprise, and I’m pretty sure they are the only cards that people are seriously going to keep.”

— D. Glickman, Brooklyn Heights, NYC

“We are already planning out what our family photo will look like next year.”

“This was a great idea. So unique! Also, for someone who claims that you aren’t a professional photographer, only a professional painter, we were still wildly impressed with how these came out. Mantle, here we come! We are already planning out what our family photo will look like next year. We’re thinking all Avengers this time, maybe? Thanks again!”

—S. Leonard, LIC, NYC


Your most exciting family portrait is waiting.

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