Let’s face it: You’re in love. I get it, I get it. Trust me. I am too. We love our little fur-nuggets more than life itself! Who knows why. Maybe it’s that delicious corn-chip smell on your dog’s paws and belly that begs you to snuggle in and take deep whiffs. Or maybe it’s all about how loudly your kitty purrs when sitting on your keyboard and squinting contentedly at you while you are trying to type. Maybe it’s the way your bunny wiggles its nose at you, or how your guinea pigs all look like they’re practically talking to each other when they’re greedily devouring their greens. Whatever the reason, WE LOVE THEM SO FRIGGIN’ MUCH!!!! So what better way to celebrate that love than with a beautiful pet portrait all their own?

My portraits are all done in a combination of watercolor, face and body paint, and ink. They are painted on 6”x9” heavy watercolor paper, based on photography of your pet that you send, and come to you in a wacky and colorful abstract style that is all my own.

These pet portraits are painted with love, and make amazing gifts!


Great for:

Birthday Presents

Pet Adoption Anniversary Present



… or just because YOUR PET LOVES YOU!



I paint one animal per piece. Each portrait is $99 for the artwork, and $7.99 for shipping & handling for a total of $106.99.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your portraits to be delivered. They will almost always get to you sooner than that, but just in case I’m backed up and busy, they shouldn’t take any longer than 3 weeks max.

Thanks for ordering!




“This really captures his personality…”

“Omg I want to cry! It’s truly Poncho!!!! Thank you so much. He passed 2 weeks ago this last Sunday. I miss him so much and this really captures his personality so completely. Thank you so much Lenore!”

— Sherry Cory, Monroe WA

“Poncho: El Rey de Escondiendo Huesos! “ by Lenore Koppelman

“Poncho: El Rey de Escondiendo Huesos! “ by Lenore Koppelman

“She’s clearly an animal lover, and that makes all the difference!”

“I LOVE my art that Lenore did of my sweet chihuahua, Sassy! I get so many compliments on it. She really captured my dog’s sweet spirit without my even having to describe my dog, or go to too much trouble sending her pictures. She’s clearly an animal lover, and that makes all the difference! She’s a tremendous artist and so easy to work with. She was so on top of things with communication and correspondence and got me my art so quickly! I can’t recommend working with her strongly enough! 94 thumbs up and 112 stars! “

Marty Thomas, New York, NY
You can find Marty at

“Sassy Boy” paintings A & B , by Lenore Koppelman

“Sassy Boy” paintings A & B , by Lenore Koppelman


I am in LOVE. Thank you SO MUCH!!!“

— Mara Thompson Smith, Astoria Queens, NY

“Princess and the mouse” by Lenore Koppelman

“Princess and the mouse” by Lenore Koppelman

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