A few words from our satisfied customers:


“My experience with Lenore paining my baby belly was nothing short of wonderful!
Being in the The PARENTS.COM TV studio with her, she had total command of what she was doing. Her ability to engage the audience and play to the cameras while doing her amazing artistry is such a difficult thing to perfect (have you ever tried it? It’s HARD!). Lenore was a total pro.
Not only is she a pleasure to be around, which is incredibly important as she was working on a very intimate and important part of my pregnant body, but her work is phenomenal. 
It was a beautiful experience. I loved my sweet little penguin, and I didn’t want to take it off!”

Actress Pamela Bob
Known for: Livin’ On A Prairie
Astoria, NYC

“Lenore is the most amazing, creative, spirited lady I have ever met. When I was pregnant with my daughter Carter I wanted a special memory to frame of my belly. Belly casts seemed so weird, like are you going to use it for something later? That's when I found Lenore. We didn't know the gender at the time so Lenore painted a Peter Pan boat that just blew my mind. My baby could not stop moving toward Lenore's paintbrush. It was stunning. I couldn't get enough so I went back again and left wearing an owl. It literally stopped traffic. I wore a midriff all day walking around my neighborhood. I could not stop showing it off. These images are in a frame in my daughters room and she looks at them and knows the special adventures started before she was even born. Lenore will not only become your belly painter but a friend.”

Laura Leonard Kradas
Astoria, NYC



"Lenore is a dream to work with! Cheeky Chipmunk is one of our most popular add-ons for parties. On the business side, Cheeky Chipmunk artists are always quick to respond, flexible with clients and on-time for every event they're working. And as for talent - they're unmatched! As an Event Planner for Kellogg's NYC and Union Square Play I push Cheeky Chipmunk for all ages and all types of events because I truly believe they're the best in the business. Hire today!"

Kristin Malanowski, Kellogg’s NYC and Union Square Plays

“I loved having The Cheeky Chipmunk paint us as Catrinas for el Día de los Muertos, she was so friendly, professional and diligent in her work. Her materials were clean and she was very knowledgeable in the background of what the Catrina means and the different ways to paint it. I love that her makeup is great quality and easy to remove. And of course the final product- I was breathless- she even finished the look off with a headpiece! Brilliance!”

—- Diana Limongi Gabriele from Astoria, NY. Queens in NYC.
Content creator/editor at LadydeeLG.
Manager of “Politics & Parenting - The Podcast”.